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Salveo Naturals™



The secret behind Tectus Matrix™ is a disruptive world innovation and a high performance systemic acting and organic formula that utilizes quantum mechanics. The manufacturing process and products are non-toxic for humans and the planet! The Tectus Matrix™ manufacturing process and delivery system is unique and patented.

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Salveo, Inc. is an agriculture biotech manufacturer of natural bio-stimulants, fungicides and bactericides. Tectus Matrix is our flagship productline.

Dunedin, FL & Georgetown, TX

Tel: +1.512.518.1341

What is Tectus Matrix?

Salveo’s flagship product Tectus Matrix (“tectus” means ‘to protect’ in Latin) is made utilizing a patent pending quantum technology and completely natural ingredients. Tectus Matrix use can have a vital impact on the health of agricultural workers, everyone and everything that eats food and the planet itself.

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